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SOBIODA, your supplier of laboratory reagents and systems

Fournisseur de matériel de laboratoire

Sobioda develops and distributes reagents and systems for your applications.

Welcome to Sobioda

Sobioda develops and distributes reagents and systems for medical laboratories and for research and teaching laboratories.

We put our expertise and experience at your service: we manufacture and select high added-value product ranges for your medical biology and research laboratories.


Welcome to Sobioda

Thanks to our partnerships with internationally recognised companies, we can offer you specific solutions and advise you on setting up your projects, particularly in microbiology and specialised biochemistry.

Our human-scale structure means we can provide you with customised solutions as quickly as possible. It also gives you the assurance of speaking to someone who knows you and your needs.  Your satisfaction is our priority.

Located near Grenoble in France, Sobioda is part of the Inovallée Technopole, an innovation centre close to the Alps. Within this environment, and through its involvement in its ecosystem, Sobioda is developing its business with all the biology laboratories in France.

Sobioda develops and distributes reagents and systems

Sobioda is ISO 9001 certified

Our desire to improve

Since the early 2000s, Sobioda has made the strategic choice to back up its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction with ISO 9001 certification, illustrating our commitment to continuous improvement.

Certification ISO 9001 (pdf - 94.35Kb)
Sobioda is ISO 9001 certified